Undergraduate Programs

Mathematics is one of the oldest academic disciplines, valued for its intrinsic beauty, as training in logical and analytical reasoning, and for its widespread applications throughout other disciplines. As our society adopts more technology and collects more data, training in mathematics becomes ever more valuable.

Select from one of the following options to learn more about the individual programs of study:

Major in Mathematical Sciences

At the bachelor's level, the Department of Mathematics offers fours majors and four minors:

Plus, a combined B.S./M.S. (4+1) Program, see details below.

If you have already declared a math major and track under a previous catalog, you can choose to stay in that track; here is a description of the prevous tracks and their requirements.

Minor in Mathematics Sciences

For more information on majors and minors, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Five Year Combined B.S./M.S. program

Read about the five year combined Bachelors and Masters degree program

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