Placement Information and FAQs

(effective beginning Fall 2020)

What is a math placement score? 

The placement score is a number indicating which MATH courses a student can enroll in without college credit for the prerequisite course.  The College of Charleston creates a math placement score for all students. Students enrolling Fall 2020 or later will be assigned a score based on multiple factors.

How is the score created?

Beginning Fall 2020, the placement score will be created from data you have submitted, including your high school transcript and standardized test scores (SAT, ACT,  AP, etc.).   Students with placement scores from our previous scoring method—which included an online placement test—can continue to use those scores for placement until they expire. 

What should I submit?

In order to register for a math class, it is important that your follow the directions given to you from the Admissions Office to submit your official scores from SAT, ACT, or AP. You should submit scores even when they are not being used for admission purposes if you have them. Students who were unable to take SAT or ACT tests will be placed with the transcript data we have. Other data comes from your transcript, so don't forget to send in your final highschool transcript if you want your GPA updated. Not receiving this information before orientation will limit the math classes for which you can register and may rule out courses required for business, STEM and other majors.

Where can I see my math placement score?

Students can view their score in Degree Works on the Placement Score Report.  Select Placement Score Report in the drop-down Format menu and then click View Audit.  All of your placement scores will appear in the far right column.

Which courses will my placement score allow me to take?

All that and more is spelled out in the Google Doc Math Placement Info for Students.

What if my placement score won't allow me into the course I need for my major?

In that case, your best bet is to complete the prerequisite course(s) before attempting the course you ultimately want. 

The goal of the math department is to place you in the course where you have the best chance of success, based on a measure of your current mathematical skills. When you attempt a course for which you do not have the prerequisite skills it can waste time and money, delay graduation, negatively impact your GPA, endanger your financial aid, and increase your risk of Academic Probation.

I enrolled before Fall 2020 and have an ALEKS placement score.  Can I use my old ALEKS score for placement into a math course?

Provided it has not expired, your ALEKS score will still serve as placement, although an ACT or SAT will still be required for some classes as implemented in 2018.  If your ALEKS score has expired, please contact the Academic Advising and Planning Center or the Associate Chair of Mathematics, Dr. Kate Owens at

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