Spring 2019 Colloquia

Our colloquium meets on Friday from 3:10 to 4:00 in RSS 252. Refreshments are served at 2:45 at the Math Lounge (RSS 346). 

January 11: Ben Cox, CofC, On The Module Structure Of The Center Of Hyperelliptic Krichever-Novikov Algebras.

January 18:  Daniel Nakano, University of Georgia, Tensor Triangular Geometry and Applications.

January 25: Mukesh Kumar, CofC, Superconvergence, Post-processing, and A Posteriori Error Estimators in Isogeometric Analysis.

February 1: Jared Corduan, Input Output HK, The Amazingly Useful Pigeon Hole Principle.

February 7:  RTA 101-103, 4PM: Lisa J. Fauci, Tulane University, Keynote talk for the Conference on Women in Science.

February  8: Victor Moll, Tulane University, Some Questions Coming From the Evaluation of Integrals.

February  15: Annalisa Calini, CofC, Integrable evolution of twisted polygons in centro-affine space: Part 2.

March 1: Thierry Pécot, MUSC, A deep learning approach to estimate the temporal evolution of protein concentration along cell cycle from 2D still images.

March 8: Blake Barker, Brigham Young University, Rigorous numerical verification.

March 15: Steve Leth, University of Northern Colorado, Combinatorial number theory results and questions through a nonstandard lens.

March 22: Spring Break

March 28: Special Seminar, RSS 353, 4:10PM, Lydia Bieri, University of Michigan, The Einstein Equations and Gravitational Waves

March 29: Keynote speaker: Lydia Bieri, University of Michigan, Spacetime Dynamics

April 4: Klaus Lux, University of Arizona, Basic Algorithms in the Representation Theory of Groups and Algebras (In RSS235).

April 5: Jeff Hirst, Appalachian State University, Reverse mathematics and colorings of hypergraphs.

April 12: He Yang, Augusta University, Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell System and Khokhlov-Zabolotskaya-Kuznetzov Equation.

April 19: John Dawson, Penn State, Compactness in logic and topology.

April 26: Emilio Musso, Politecnico di Torino, Italy, Contact and Cauchy-Riemann geometry  of a transversal knot in the 3-sphere.

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