Spring 2015 Colloquia

Our colloquium meets on Friday from 3:10 to 4:00 in RSS 251. Refreshments are served at 2:45 at the Math Lounge (RSS 346). 

January 16: Annalisa Calini, College of Charleston, Observable Rogue Waves  in Nonlinear Schroedinger Models.

January 23: Steve Leth, University of Northern Colorado, Sumsets, Banach density and nonstandard methods.

January 30: Sarah Raynor, Wake Forest University, The Dynamics of Water Waves.

February 6: Chunxia Li, Capital Normal University, Applications of quasideterminants in non-commutative integrable systems: A non-Abelian Toda lattice and a matrix sine-Gordon equation.

February 13: Movie night, Counting from Infinity.

February 20: Emilio Musso, Politecnico di Torino, Italy, Time-like curves immersed in the (2+1)-dimensional conformal Lorentzian space.

February 27: Garrett Mitchener, College of Charleston, Evolving adaptive coincidence-detecting neurons.

March 13: James Carter, College of Charleston, Non-Abelian Galois Module Structure.

March 20: Justin Webster, NC State, Advection of Methane in the Hydrate Zone.

March 30: Michail D. Todorov, University of Sofia, Multi-soliton interactions for the Manakov system under composite external Potentials.

April 3: available (click here if you would like to make a suggestion)

April 10: Sybil Nelson, MUSC, An extension of Logic Regression to Classify and Predict Disease Outcome from Continuous and Binary Predictors and their Interactions.

April 17: Barbara Prinari, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Dark-bright soliton solutions with nontrivial polarization interactions for the three-component defocusing nonlinear Schrodinger equation

May 7, 2PM: P.G. Grinevich, L. D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow, Russia, Singular solitons and indefinite Metrics.

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