Fall 2013 Colloquia

Our colloquium meets on Friday from 3:10 to 4:00 in RSS 251. Refreshments are served at 2:45 at the Math Lounge (RSS 346). 

September 6: Markov Minimal Sets in Foliations of 3-Manifolds by Sandi Shields, College of Charleston

September 13: Stability of leftons by Stephane Lafortune, College of Charleston

September 20: Recent progress on computing Gröbner bases by Shuhong Gao, Clemson University

October 4: Boson-Fermion Correspondencies by Iana Anguelova, College of Charleston

October 18: Detailed structure for Freiman's 3k-3 Theorem by Renling Jin, College of Charleston

October 25: Reflections of Kantor Pairs by Oleg Smirnov, College of Charleston

November 1: Modeling pulse propagation in molecular chains and optical lattices by Brenron leMesurier, College of Charleston

November 8: Symmetries of Bernoulli polynomial series and Arakawa-Kaneko zeta functions by Paul Young, College of Charleston

November 14: Special Colloquium [MBK 219, 3:00 PM] Coherent Structures in a Model for Mussel-Algae Interaction by Vahagn Manukian, Miami University in Ohio

November 15: Experimental networks physics using autonomous Boolean devices by Damien Rontani, Duke University

November 22: Meeting a Sustainable Water Yield for Agriculture through Crop Rotation and Managed Aquifer Recharge Networks by Lea Jenkins, Clemson University

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