Spring 2011 Colloquium Series

Our colloquium meets on Friday from 3:15 to 4:05 in RSS 235. Refreshments are served at 2:45 at the Math Lounge (RSS 346). 

January 28:  Instability of local deformations of an elastic filament: numerical computation of the Evans function by Stephane Lafortune, College of Charleston  

February 9: Special Colloquium: Finiteness results in arithmetic dynamics by Clayton Petsche, Hunter College of CUNY 

February 11: Particle trajectories and vorticity in two-dimensional fluid flow by Elaine Cozzi, Drexel University 

February 14: Special Colloquium (in Maybank 103): A perfect storm by Paul Pollack, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

February 18: Mathematical Models of Dielectric Breakdown and Polycrystal Plasticity via Gamma-convergence by Marian Bocea, North Dakota State University

February 25: Building Understanding: Multiple Representations and ConcepTests by Deborah Hughes Hallett, University of Arizona and Harvard University

March 17: Special Algebra Seminar (RSS 353, 3:15 pm): Finite-dimensional representations of equivariant map algebras by Erhard Neher, University of Ottawa

March 18: Special Colloquium (in Maybank 219, 3:15 pm) Steinberg Groups and Jordan pairs by Erhard Neher, University of Ottawa

March 25: McKay correspondence for 2-parameter quantum affine algebras by Naihuan Jing, North Carolina State University

April 1: Obstacle Avoidance in a Continuum Model for Collective Behavior by Nicholas Mecholsky, University of Maryland

April 7: Presentation for students (RSS 102, 3:00 pm): Mathematics changed my life by William Yslas Vélez, University of Arizona

April 8: Increasing the number of mathematics majors by William Yslas Vélez, University of Arizona

April 15: Special Colloquium (in Maybank 219):Regular representations of quantum groups at roots of unity by Minxian Zhu, Rutgers University

April 18: Special Colloquium (in Maybank 219): The Riemann-Hilbert approach to the semiclassical focusing Nonlinear  Schroedinger equation by Sergey Belov, Rice University

April 22: Horseshoes and hand grenades: shooting for standing waves in nonlinear Schrodinger-type equations by Russell Jackson, U. S. Naval Academy


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