Fall 2010 Colloquium Series

Our colloquium meets on Friday from 3:15 to 4:05 in RSS 103. Refreshments are served at 2:45 at the Math Lounge (RSS 346). 

September 3: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Lie Symmetries in the Natural Sciences by Maria Clara Nucci, Universita` di Perugia, Italy

September 10: Hamiltonian Regular Semigroups by Katherine Johnston-Thom, College of Charleston

September 17: Special Seminar Mathematical Modeling of the Human Mitral Valve by John Spratt, Roper Hospital, Charleston

September 24: Special Colloquium for the start of Cha-Cha Days 2010 Modeling Brain Processes with Neuronal Networks by Gregor Kovacic, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

October 1: The W*-dilation and Morita equivalence by Upasana Kashyap, The Citadel

October 8: Simulating the evolution of combinatorial phonology by Garrett Mitchener, College of Charleston

October 15: reserved

October 22: DJKM algebras: Their universal central extension by Ben Cox, College of Charleston

October 29: Isoperimetric inequalities using Varopoulos transport by Antara Mukherjee, The Citadel

November 5: Thin film equations with non-uniform forcing by Joceline Lega, University of Arizona

November 12: Simple 1-designs! Is there anything left? by Dinesh Sarvate, College of Charleston

November 19: Model based confidence intervals for binomial proportion by Desale Habtzghi, University of Akron 


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