Fall 2012 Colloquia

Our colloquium meets on Friday from 3:10 to 4:00 in RSS 252. Refreshments are served at 2:45 at the Math Lounge (RSS 346). 

September 14: Mathematical Image Processing by Todd Wittman, College of Charleston

September 21: Decomposition of a Complete Graph into Equal Number of Triangles and Paths of Length Two by Dinesh Sarvate, College of Charleston

September 28: no colloquium

October 5: DJKM algebras, their Universal Central Extension and Orthogonal Polynomials by Ben Cox, College of Charleston

October 12: Free fields, vertex algebras and representations by Elizabeth Jurisich, College of Charleston

October 19: Invariant subalgebras of vertex algebras by Andrew Linshaw, Brandeis University

October 26: Carolina Math Seminar at the Citadel (2:00-4:30, Thompson Hall, Room 303)

November 1: Special Math Physics Seminar on Superintegrable systems in classical and quantum mechanics by Pavel Winternitz, University of Montreal  

November 2: Continuous symmetries of difference equations and symmetry preserving discretization of differential equations by Pavel Winternitz, University of Montreal  

November 9: Talk on My Sabbatical Projects by Amy Langville, College of Charleston

November 16: Talk on My Sabbatical Projects (Part 2) by Amy Langville, College of Charleston 

November 30: To Be Continued...(A Brief Introduction to Continuation Methods) by Jason Howell, College of Charleston

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