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January 27 Math Colloquium

Chris Pritchard, Chair of the Scottish Mathematical Council

Ten Ideas on Teaching Area

Elementary, middle, and high school teachers help youngsters to understand area, both the concept and the methods. In this session, Dr. Chris Pritchard, visiting from Scotland, will provide some new insights, approaches, and materials. He will offer examples that differ from textbooks teaching area and will incorporate a variety of math problems in his talk.

Dr. Chris Pritchard taught high school math for 39 years, mainly as a Head of Department in Scotland. He continues to support math education in the UK by chairing the Scottish Mathematical Council and by serving as Secretary of the Mathematical Association (which is the equivalent of the NCTM in the US). He has edited Mathematics in School for the past 12 years. Dr. Pritchard has almost 200 publications in math education and elementary math, including The Changing Shape of Geometry (which is in the MAA Spectrum series) and A Square Peg in a Round Hole: Adventures in the Mathematics of Area, the subject of today's talk. Dr. Pritchard’s son lives here in Charleston.


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