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Stewart Denslow

Adjunct Faculty

Address: 4 Green Way 103
Phone: 843.953.5750


ScB, Physics, Brown University, 1969

MS, Molecular Biology, Vanderbilt University, 1974

PhD, Biostatistics, Medical University of SC, 1991

Courses Taught

Elementary Statistics (MATH 104)

Statistical Methods I  (MATH 250)


Denslow S, Lomarev MP, George MS, Bohning DE. Cortical and subcortical brain effects of TMS-induced movement: An interleaved TMS-fMRI study.  Biological Psychiatry. 2005; 57:752-760

Denslow S, Balaji S, Hewett KW, Wall thickness referenced to myocardial volume: a new noninvasive framework for cardiac mechanics. Journal of Applied Physiology 1999;87:211-221.

Denslow S, The relationship between the PVA and myocardial oxygen consumption can be derived from thermodynamics. American Journal of Physiology  1996;270(Heart Circ Physiol 39):H730-H740.

Denslow S, Ellipsoidal shell models for rapid volume estimation from tomographic images. Academic Radiology  1994;1:345-351.

Denslow S, Zhang Z, Thompson RP, Lam CF, Statistically characterized features for directionality quantitation in patterns and textures. Pattern Recognition 1993; 26(8):1193-1205.